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Another defeat, Asian's hair cut in NY

I used to go to a Japanese salon
to get my hair cut till I had a career crisis.
After that, I thought it was too expensive for me
and I, who did not have stable income anymore, did not deserve
such a lavish treatment. Well, it cost about $50.
However, I could not accept the idea to go to a regular barber
because I had gone to a salon since I was 18 years old.
So I started to go to the chain hair cut place called "SuperCut"
which looks kinda like a salon with a barber shop price.
It turned out to be a place
for newly graduates from hair cutter schools.
And they come and go very quickly
as I guess they do not get paid well.

So each time I go there, I have to explain to a new person
what kind of hair cut I like.
I usually say
"I like choppy hair cut, shaggy kinda one,
lots of layers and zig zag lines,
short back and sides just touch my ears,
top should be a little longer,
and bangs, longest ones touchs my eyeblows."

But still some of them gave me a very wierd hait cut,
like every lines were so straight.
Once a young Black woman gave me such a strange hair cut
that I could not help saying to her
I could not walk outside with my hair like that.

As it really puzzled me,
I asked some Japanese I know
if they had any similar experience like this.
And some of them said yes.
Then I realized this is some sort of stereo typing about Asians.
Asians are supposed to have very weird straight line hair cut.
I do not know where this stereo typing came from.

Well, this is another stereo type image I have to accept
or coop with if I live in U.S. especially as a poor one.

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