The Other Side of Lost in Translation


Time to face the music!

It's been a while.
I have not posted since October.
Well, I have been feeling a bit low
because I lost my work,
the magazine I had written for since 2007 folded.
In Japan, magazines disappearing one after another
as the internet has been replacing them,
and young generations of Japanese do not read anything much.
Most of remaining magazines are fashion
or some other trend realted magazines,
and the demand for writers like me is not existing much.
You might think American media is crappy,
but Japanese media is much crappier now, or even crappiest.
Their journalism is basically dying.

What will I do?
Well, I have to figure it out later.

But first, I have to get my creative energy back.
I really have not done anything since November.
It's time to face the music and dance.
I hope writing this blog will help me to do so.

I also turned on the comment function
though not sure how long it will last.
If you like to leave a comment, please do so while it lasts.

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