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Asking America

This week, everyday I go to park
and asking people questions like these.....

1) Why America chose Bush twice?
People all over the world were shocked,
stunned, puzzled and disgusted,
when he was elected for the second time.

2) What is the worst thing Bush did to us?
*National deficit
*Economical crisis
*Credit and Morgage crisis
*Environmental issue
*Health Insurance Issue
*Immigration Issue
*Education issue
*Unfair tax
*Shrinking middle class

3) What has changed America?
One year ago, I could not predict Obama would win
because America was the country that chose Bush twice.
But now morelikely we will see the Black president.

4) What do you expect Obama accomplish most?
We have so many issues now.
Nobody can perform 100% up to people's expectation.
But what do you think he can do to us
or you want him to do?

5) Why America could not stop the society deteriorating so much?
Why people are not speaking up about it?
Though Americans have been known to be
people who like to speak up about their issues.
Now we have so many of them,
then why people are so quiet?
For example,
if we do not do somethingd drastic immediately
we can have a huge crop failure
which can cause world wide starvation.
Not only this issue but all other issue are
pretty serious now.
But Americans are so quiet?
Why, Why, Why????

What is your take?


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  • Many of us were shocked as well that he was reelected. unfortunately the retarded majority rules here in the US. if it was up to New York we would've shot him a long time ago.

    Blogger Michelle さんのコメント, 2009年10月22日 15:40 に投稿  

  • Thanks for your comment.

    New York has been considered as a liberal city for a long time.
    However, the reality is that we have had a conservative mayor for about 16 years now, Mr G & Mr B, and Mr B is seeking out for the third term.
    And under the Republican ministration, even though Mr B is no longer with Republicans, New York has become much safer and cleaner, that was good, on the other hand its rent condition is totally out of control now.
    Now you do not have to be poor to have a hard time to find affordable apartment, and still the minimum pay is so ridiculously low, not the living wage at all.

    Rich politicians like Mr B do not do politics for the poor or the middle class. Of course, he is for the riches. It is such an easy logic, yet so many New Yorkers do not understand it.
    Why? because so many people worship the rich ones.
    If New Yorkers could shoot Bush, we would not have chosen and supported those Republican mayors for so many years.

    Blogger blue さんのコメント, 2009年10月22日 16:37 に投稿  


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