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moonlight & pizza

Last night, around 11, I had sudden craving for a pizza.
So I went to a corner pizza joint called "Two Boots",
which now has a several locations in New York,
but the very first is the one in my location.

Tow Boots
Click "Avenue A"

a middle aged film maker couple started
a small pizza place in mid '80s
because they had been tired of financially struggling.
In New York, most of young artists, actors and writers
work for restaurants as waiters
because it is one of a few occupations
that people can make a decent amount of money
without much special skills or experiences,
and it can also give them a flexible schedule.
Most of them do not like that job, who wants to be a servant?,
yet some of them choose to do the restaurant business
when they reach a certain age like 35 years old
and re-think about what they would do with rest of their lives
because they realize that's only business they really know
as they support themselves by being a waiter for many years.

During '80s, many restaurants like that opened in East Village.
Generally those people did/do not have much money.
So they painted the walls by themselves
and decorated with cheap plastic or antique furnitures and ornaments.
Those restaurants and cafes were called cheap-chic.
And some of them became quite successfull
with attracting very yappy clients.
That was the begining of commercialization of East Village.
Since then, this area has changed a lot.
Because more and more yappyish people have migrated here as residents,
rents have sky-rocketed.
Young artist type people are long gone,
they cannot afford to live in this neighborhood anymore.
and people do not have much money can not open a store here either.
Two Boots expanded their business,
like opening up a cute restaurant,
an indie film theatre and a video rental store too.
But in recent years,
they had to close them down because of the rent issue.
Now only pizza joint remains,
but they have 11 locations, even one in Los Angels.
so they are mosdef one of few success stories of that kind.
(Well, their pizza is goooood!)
Tokyo changes fairly quickly,
but some areas of New York have changes even more drastically,
all for people with money.

After I spent a little time in there
with a slice and a small cup of rootbear,
I walked back home,
and on my way I saw a beatiful moon
came out of the shadow of the dark building.
The same moon that I saw 20 years ago,
the same moon that I saw when I was in Japan,
the same moon that I saw when I was a little kid.
I said good night to her before I walked into my apartment building.

I have not posted anything here for a long time.
Well, I had been in a deep depression during the last winter
and I thought spring would help.
But when she came, she didn't.
I was still depressed.

In May, I finaly came out of it.
How did it happen, well I will explain it later.

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