The Other Side of Lost in Translation


I Hate Autumn in New York

Before I came to New York.
I loved Autumn.
As Japanese summer is horribly humid and hot
the cool breeze of September is mosdef the great relief
and the reminder of the beautiful season.
Yes, Autumn is supposed to be beautiful and romantic.

However, in New York, we have a long long winter
from December to early April.
Actually we do have very cold day in April as well.
In May, finally spring is stablized.
So we have Five Month of bitter cold winter
and winter always depresses me.
Autumn in New York, why it's so inviting?
I do not know why someone wrote that song but
for me, Autumn in New York is
nothing but the reminder of the beginning of
the bitter cruel long long winter.
I simply hate it.
plus I am single, do not have anyone
to enjoy the romantic feelings of this season.
So let me hate Autumn in New York, hahaha.


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