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How Come Oyajis are So Rude?

Oyaji means a dad or a middle aged guy,
I say, loosely late 30s to 60 years old.
When younger people call a middle aged man Oyaji,
it usually means uncool, stabborn, unajustable,
way behind the current trends or bold old guys.

Japanese are known to be very polite,
which I believed when I lived in Japan.
However, I changed my view about that
after I came to New York.
Atually what I found was that
Japanese Oyajis ARE the rudest people.
Believe me, they are rude.
Well, some of them are nice
but many of them are rude.

How so?
They have very bossy arrogant attitude toward
younger people, their employees, people at stores
and anyone they think who are lower social hierarchy than them.
I realized that
when I worked for Japanese restaurant as a waiter.
Though some customers were bitches and assholes,
most of American customers were nice, who are usually
educated middle class Whites at Japanese restaurants.
They say "Thank you" to waiters
whenever waiters did something to them.
On the other hand, most of Japanese customers
do not thank waiters and especially Oyajis got
very rude attitude toward waiters.
They are so arrogant!

I think Japanese politeness is very superficial.
They have developed a very polite and orderly culture
as so many people living in a small country
that they must follow the rules
and try not to disturb social calmness and cooperation.
But also thier other strong social order is
which is a strong social hierarchy according to people's age.
If you are older, you are automatically higher than others.
Though this is breaking up finally,
still it is very evident social system in Japan.
This system was created to prevent the competition.
Well, one might think the competition is good for the society.
Yes, but Japanese chose cooperative attitude
over the fair competition
because they believed that free competition can lead to
the unstabel society, anarchiness.
It is all conservative idea to prevent
"The tail wags the dog" situation.

At Japanese work places,
it is very common to find the situation like
your boss at your section of the corporation
is a very untalented worker
but very bossy and super arrogant, almost abusive.
Probably he was promoted to the position
simply because he is older than others
and in order to prevent any contempt from others,
he acts very arrogant way.

Well, fianlly this kinda stuff is fading away
but the point is that Japanese Oyajis constatly feel
this kind of pressure to prove
their musculinity and superiorty
in the social hierarchy.
That turns out their very arrogat attitude.

I hate rude Japanese Oyajis!
Because of that same mentality,
they abused and tortured POWs during the War,
they killed so many other Asians.

Japanese politeness and Japanese rudeness(and demonness)
came from the same place.

Wait, come to think of it,
I am a Japanese Oyaji, hahahahaha.

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