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Are Japanese Girls Really Sluts? Part 4

Biology & Sociology

This time I like to talk about this subject
from the aspects of Biology & Sociology.

"Romance is a game for fools"
I used to say
A game I thought I'd never play
Then you passed by
And here am I
Throwing caution to the wind

So why do fools fall in love?
Why are people attracted to each other?
Well, just one word "Sex"!
It means "for reproduction."
All mental, emotional and physical joy
and ecstacy of love, romance and sex are for reproduction.
Without them, people lose the interest to have a baby.

Okay, boys and girls,
now, I give you a lecture of the basic biology about sex.
What do women really want from men?
Two things,
the one is the good gene to ensure the success of offsprings.
As the number of babies women can bare is limited,
women are always looking for men with good genes.
It means that women are looking for qualities of men.
phyical beauty and superiority are good indication of
what kind of gene that men have.
Another is the support from men, financially, phisically,
mentally and emotionally for raising children
becauce it takes a long time for human babies
to reach adulthood.
Though men say women always look at men's wallets and cars,
it is very natural and rightfully for women to do so
in order to find a man to give them enough support
to raise kids.
And men with money means
men with a talent to make money as well if he made that
and that gene can contribute to her children's future success.
Also men with brave and sweet personality
can offer good protection and care to women.
So those are the qualities of men that women are looking for.

On the other hand, men do not have to bear a child,
which means men are looking for not only good qualities
in women but also quantities as well.
Men want have sex with many women to spread his genes.
That makes men cheaters and also women can be cheaters too
because they always look for men with a better sperm
even after she got a one with a good sperm.
Then why do they get married?
Because it is better to do so
in order to help each other to raise childen.
That is why human being have
very contradictory sexual behaviors.
You got that, boys and girl?

Okay, so let's apply this theory to the subject,
"Are Japanese girls are really sluts?"
When a Japanese girl come to New York city,
she sees any kinds of men from all over the world
and naturally she compare one with others,
especially Japanese men with White men and Black men.
Then she finds what White men and Black men got,
hight, broad shoulder, thick chest, long legs and
big penis......
Well, naturally she is attracted to White and Black men.
On the other hand, for White men and Black men
Japanese/Asian girls are not paticulary attractive
becuase average Japanese/Asian girls have flat faces,
small breasts and shorter legs,
those are not appealing physical features for men.
So in order to get the attention from White men and Black men,
what do Japanese girls have to do?
They have to be sexually agressive,
which means being slutty.
Is that means all Japanese girls
become sluts for White men and Black men?
Well, not all of them, not that simple.

Now I like to talk about the other aspect of this.
Still interracial relationships are
the hot topic on American media time to time.
And most of the times it is about White and Black relationship
but the reality is, even in the city like New York,
you do not see many White and Black couples.
Instead, the most common interracial couples are
between White men and Asian women.
Not only Japanese women but also many other Asian women
like to date with White men as well.
But not as much as Black men
though some Japanese girls love Black men.
I will talk about that some other time.
One Asian woman told me that
they are tend to be attracted to White men
becuase Asian men do not have any glamorous images
in American media.
That is so true,
there is no Asian men who is cute, handsome or sexy
in American media.

When Japanese media found Mashi-Oka in "Heroes",
They got quite excited because it is very rare to see
any Japanese character in American hit TV shows.
So I wrote in my article
"Japanese media are so ignorant and stupid,
Mashi-Oka is nothing but a stereo type."
Japanese/Asian men are supposed to be Chinky, Gooky,
Geeky, Nerdy, Dorky, ugly and super uncool men.
The reason you do not see attractive Asian men
in Americna media is exactly same as you could not see
many attractive Black men in American media till '70s.
In this White dominated society,
the most attractive men are supposed to be White men.
So White audience did not want to see attractive Black men
because attractive and sexy Black men
can be threats to White men.
but Black people have changed that by protesting.
As the result of that,
you see Black star like Denzel Washington now.
Asians have not done much for that kind of change.

Japanese have been in love
with the Western cultures for a long time.
And they have tried to immitate so many of them
and along with loving and admiring the western cultures,
Japanese have been admiring Whites physical beauty as well.
That is why you see many White models in Japanese media.
And that probably makes Japanese sort of White wannabeis.
If you grow up in Japan, you can be brainwashed to believe
Whites are the most beautiful peole.
And that's why all manga and anime characters
do not look like Japanese/Asian.

And that's not only for girls but boys as well.
As a matter of fact,
many Japanese men like to date with White women too.
But they can not, why?
Because White women do not pay much attention to Asian men
because Asian men do not have enogh physical qualities
White women are looking for.
Some White women like to date with Black men
even Black men are in the lower social racial hierarchy
than White women because many Black men have
many good physical qualties and strong sex appeal.
For White women, Asian men are not only much lower
in the social racial hierarchy
but also do not have much physical qualities,
which means there is no reason for them
to be attracted to White men.

I know, I know you are saying
you have seen some Asian men & White women couples.
Yes, that can happen because people are attracted
not only for physical qulities but also
good personality, intelligence and others as well.
But the differece is that
you can hunt Japanese girls in the street or in clubs
if you are White or Black men.
For Asian men, in order to date with White women
they have to make freinds with them in environments like
offices or schools,
then develop that to the more serious relashionships.
Asian men can never hunt White women in the street or clubs.
And no matter what they try, majority of White women
never consider Asian men as subjects for dating, sex or marriage.

White women do not open their legs to Asian men
for exactly the same reason that
the sluttiest Japanese girls in New York
do not open their legs to the certain groups of men
who they consider socially lower than them.
I do not say who they are but just guess.
That's the way women are programed biologically.
So who is the losers of this game,
of course, Japanese/Asian men.

To be continued

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