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Japanese Actors Do Not Look Like Japanese!?? Part1

The other day, I had an argument over this subject
on some movie discussion board.

One guy wrote that he thought actors did not look like Japanese when he started to watch Japanese films such as Kurosawa's and Ozu's.

So I stated that actors in Japanese films did not look like Japanese to him because he was not used to seeing nice looking Asian/Japanese as he had not seen them in any American media.
For Americans, Asian are not supposed to be good looking. Therefore handsome actors in Japanese film did not look Japanese to this person.

In American media, you do not see many Asians. And when you see them, usually they are very very stereo types. Simply nice lookig Asian men do not exist in American media. Well, a few exceptions maybe.
But basically, in American media, Asian men are geeky ugly gumps,
And Asian women are exotic play-things who love to serve White men.
Casting directors do not chose handsome Asians because they think good looking ones do not look Asians enough.

Here is a good example.

Mashi Oka from the hit TV show "Heroes"

As he hated this accusation about the racism againt Asians in American media, he just did not want to admit it. I understood that.
So he started to write about Japanese propaganda films in Korea during pre-war era, which were nothing but ridiculous justifications of Japanese occupation over Korea.
I guess he wanted to say that Japanese media could be very bias too.

Anyway, after this argument, I started to wonder
if what I wrote to him was right or not.

Just look at some handsome guys in current Japanese media.

Kenji Sakaguchi (Actor)

Hiroshi Abe (Actor)

Tomoya Hase (Actor/Musician)

Takeshi Kaneshiro (Actor)

Kazuki Kitamura (Actor)

Ken Hirai (Singer)

Satoshi Tsumabuki (Actor)

Hidetoshi Nakata (Soccor Player)

With the exception of Nakata, they all have large eyes and tall nose, which are not Asians facial characteristics,
even Nakata has a relatively tall nose as an Asian.
Does this mean they do not look like Asians?
Well, at least I can say the majority of Japanese men do not look like them, that's for sure.


If I sit by the window of Sturbacks in New York
and keep looking outside, people walking down the street,
do I see many of those who look like Hollywood Stars?
But at least, I can say many White people do have
large eyes and tall nose relative to Asians.

So if the beaty standard of media in Japan is "large eyes and tall nose", probably it came from America or any European countries as most of Japanese do not have them.

To be continued.

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3 件のコメント:

  • I am a typical Japanese looking person who has large eyes and relatively tall nose, and some people find my looking very Okinawan.
    If you put Japanese people's appearance into two exact categories which are Jomon face or Yayoi face, my face looks definitely like the one of a Jomon-jin who lived in Japan much longer than Yayoi-jin who immigrated to Japan from the Korean Peninsula. Jomon-jin is said to be not from China or Korea. Today so many Koreans in Japan or in the States pretend to be Japanese, and there are many Japanese who are the mixture of Japanese and Korean so you may not know at all how to define the real Japanese face. But the ancient, true Japanese face is definitely very different from the one of Korean or Chinese. If you would like to know more, you may want to study Ainu people or Okinawa people's roots which is not from Korea or China. It may be interesting for you. -R.

    Anonymous 匿名 さんのコメント, 2011年2月19日 17:05 に投稿  

  • These characteristics of big eyes and tall noses are indeed common in Japan. Is called "Jomon", and accordingly wich I know, a type very present and very typical of the country, often called by some as the "true 100% Japanese face". If we look in ancient Japanese art, we will notice the effort of the artists in reproducing these facial features.

    Anonymous Dee さんのコメント, 2011年11月9日 4:09 に投稿  

  • Dee, what are you? Have you lived in Japan? I was born and raised in Japan. And I am 100% sure that the vast majority of Japanese do not look like these guys, most of them have flat faces, small eyes and small noses. Yes, some Japanese do have large eyes and large nose, but they are the small minorty, At schools I attended when I lived in Japan, kids with large eyes and noses were probably less than 10-20%. Of course, grown up Japanese women wear make-ups to make their eyes look bigger and also even some of them had plustic surgery. But without those tactics, most of their eyes are rather small. Are you the same person who wrote the previous comment? I thought that comment was pretty stupid and racistic. And I am offended by your comment as well. "Jomon face" is true Japanese face? I do have a flat face with small eyes and small nose. So I am supposed to be a not true Japanese, right? That means most of Japanese are not true Japanese. Listen carefully, the current Japanese are mixture of Jomon and Yayoi people, they were mixed up a few thousand years ago, and those mixed people created Japanese country and culture. So they are all Japanese. Why I have to read crappy comment like yours and the previous one. The previous one even said that Ainu and Okinawan were orignal Japanese, but the reality is that those people had been descriminated by the main land Japanese for centuries as not Japanese. Now guys like this saying they are true Japanese to justify their beleif, which is Japanese are different from Chinese and Koreans, and also how their looks are more true original Japanese-like. Hey, Chinese and Koreans got people with large eyes and large nose too. How do you explain about that? The next time I write a book, I definitely write about yours and the previous person's commnet, how people can be so stupid.

    Blogger blue さんのコメント, 2011年11月9日 12:04 に投稿  


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