The Other Side of Lost in Translation


Japanese who love Gaijins & Americans who love Japanese

Now it seems that we have more people who are interested in Japanese cultures because of the rising popularity of anime, manga and other Japanese pop cultures.
However, in '80s & '90s those kinds were much fewer.
Vast majority of Americans had, and still most of them have, a very little or no interest in Japan, Japanese people or Japanese culture, which meant that they might have been a little different when I met some people who said that they were very into Japanese or any other Asian cultures.
Frankly speaking, some of them were, and probaly still, sort of weirdos.
I do not want to offend any Japan loving Gaijins,
but again until like '90s, vast majority of average Americans had 0 interest in Japan, then people who did a lot could be a little "strange."
They were definitely very different from average Americans by the fact they liked Japan alone.

I still speak crappy English
but during my first few years here, my English was really really bad.
Who wasts to make friends with an Asian who speaks crappy English?
Nobody but those Japan/Asia loving, a bit different people
or guys who think Japanese girls are easy
and hungry for White and/or Black guys.

I started to avoid those Japan/Asia loving people
as soon as I started to speak half way decent English.
I do not say those Japan loving people were bad people,
many people are a little different, including me,
and still can be very nice.
However, I felt like becoming a catalogue of Japan
when I talked with them.
Those people wanted to talk to me not because of
my personality, my talent or my thought
but simply because of me being a Japanese.
I did not like that.

If you go to Japan, and if you a Caucasian
including a Caucasian looking Hispanic or an American born Black,
you get some or lots of attention from Gaijin loving Japanese.
They love to talk to you because they see glamorous images of
American and/or European cultures behind you.
Eventually not all but some of you may feel the same way that I felt,
"Do these Japanese like me only because I am a White/Black?
I do not represent entire America
nor I am not a catalogue of American cultures either."
But unfortunately if you speak only crappy Japanese,
usually those are only Japanese you can make friends with.
Or some Gaijins seem to be addicted to the attentions they get
from Gaijin loving Japanese.

But one thing you should remember,
do not generalize Japanese only by hearing from or looking at
what those Gaijin loving Japanese say or do.
they do not represent majority of Japanese
though much more Japanese like Gaijins
because Japanese love American/European cultures
compared to the number of Americans who are into Japanese culture.
So Japanese who are really into Gaijins are not strange
as American who are really into Japanese cultures, I guess.

Interestingly it seems that it could be much easier for me
to make Gaijin friends in Japan than in U.S.

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