The Other Side of Lost in Translation


I hate Republicans!

Yes, I am a Republican hater.
Because I am an Asian who lives in U.S.,
who speaks English with accent and make a little money.
How can I relate myself to the group of people,
who are mostly rich White conservative males,
who are very very good at manipulation.

This does not mean I think the Democrats is a great party.

I also did not like the fact that Obama put so much emphasis
on the part his health care reforming plan is
not for illegal immigrants.
I know he said that in order to get Republicans' votes.
However, it is the fact that this country depends on
illegal immigrants' cheep labors so much.
You simply can not leave them out so easily.

In a way, Wilson was right, Obama said a lie.
But he would have not have to do that
if Republicans were not that evil.

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