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vending machine mystery

When I came to New York.
one of the mysteries of this city was
the lack of vending machines on the streets.
In Tokyo, vending machines are everywhere.
And I had been wondering for quite a while
why there was no outside vending machine in New York.

One day when I was back in Tokyo,
my friend told me that I did not have to hold
my bag in the way I did because this was not New York.
Unconsciously I held my bag tightly under my right arm.
Still he said "Tokyo has become less safe
because of foreigners
and even some vending machines have been vandalized.
Before those insidents,
Japenese never thought about such a thing."
Then finally it dawned on me about the reason why
there were no outside vending mashines in New York.

There seems to be lots of fascination among gaijins
about Japanese vending machines.
If you search on YouTube,
you find so many videos by gaijins about them
that now in U.S. there is a urban legend that
in Japan you can buy used panties from vending machines.
Yeah, you can also buy Godzilla, Geisha and Mt. Fuji
from Japanese vending machines.
Does this satisfy you, huh?


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