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Are Japanese Girls Really Sluts? Part 3

This time I like to talk about infamous "Yellow Cab".
About 20 years ago or so,
there was a rumor in Japan that
Japanese girls were called "Yellow Cab" in U.S.,
which meant anybody could get a cheap and easy ride.
I had never heard such a thing in New York city.
However, it was true and still is true that
some Japanese girls are acting like big sluts
for White men and Black men in this city.

Here in New York city,
many Japanese girls who date with White men or Black men say
they did not come to U.S. to look for boy friends and
it was just a coincident for them to meet White or Black men
and fall in love.
Really?, then why do all Japanese girls
who date with non-Japanese men date with Whites or Blacks?
I have never seen Japanese girls date with Arabs or native Mexicans.
This means they obviously choose men.
And if they choose them, it is hardly a coincident.
At least a part of the reason they come to U.S. is
to hunt White or Black men if it is not all.

Not only in New York but also in Japan
it is a well-known fact among male Gaijins
that it is easy to find Japanese girl friends
because they do not have to go to girls, girls come to them.
When I lived in Tokyo, I met a male Gaijin who had said
that he had been doing "Hyakuningiri" and it was almost accomplished.
"Hyakuningiri" means that a Samurai slashs and kills 100 men
with his sword.
So guess what it meant for him.
I also met a White guy in New York, having been in Japan,
who said that Japanese girls looked very shy
but they were sexually very agressive.
"Japanese women invited me to their apartments and cooked for me,
and after that they fed their bodies to me too."
I also met a very nice looking Black guy in my neighborhood gym,
and he said that Japanese girls were oriental delights.
I bet many Japanese girls made a line in front of his door,
he was a gorgeous looking guy.
A few years ago, I was walking down the 8th street,
and recognaized two Japanese girls in very elaborated fashion
walking in front of me, who appeared to be early twenties.
When they stopped at the trafic signal,
I stopped right behind of them.
Then suddenly an Italian looking White guy came and talked to them
with a few Japanese words like "Nihon no josei ha kwaiine"
(Japanese girls are cute) and those girls followed him.
I was stunned, just stunned
because he was obviously a stranger to them.
I can go on and on about these kind of stories.

But why do Japanese girls do that?
Not only girls but also many men in Japan
have been so in love with
American and European culture for such a long long time.
A small island nation like Japan
has been always yarning for glamorous culture from abroad.
Once it was toward China for many years
and now it was toward U.S.(and Europe).
And Japanese media keeps feeding people
tons of glamorous, trendy or shocking images
of American culture like music, films, TV shows and fashion.
Therefore having sex with White or Black men
for some Japanese girls
means being f**ked by glittering glamorous American culture,
putting them into their own bodies and being one with them,
being one with something they have been longing for years.
As the result of that, some Japanese girls,
who have White or Black boyfriend or husband,
even feel like they have become higher existences
than average Japanese.

To be continued

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