The Other Side of Lost in Translation


Are Japanese Girls Really Sluts? Part 2

The other film that created the other image of Asian women was
"The World of Susie Wong"

This is the second "Hong Kong" film of William Holden
who starred in "Love is the many splendored thing."
He met and fell in love with
a beautiful Chinese woman who happened to be a prostitute
and her name was Susie Wong.
Since the release of this film,
The women who seduce White men with sex had become
the other image of Asian women,
oriental sex kitten, oriental seductress,
oriental whore with low morality
who loves to eat White men.
Even "Susie Wong" had become the synonym to Asian women.

The actress who played the role of Susie Wong was
Nancy Kwan who was half Asian and half Cacasian.

The Chinese actress, Joan Chen
who was in "The Last Emperor" said that
She was puzzled when she came to Hollywood
because all the roles she got were
the women who seduced White men in very sexual ways.

So there are two stereo type images about Asian women.
One is that Asian women are not very pretty
but obedient and love to serve White men.
The other is that Asian women are exotic sluts and whores
who love to have sex with White men.

To be continued

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