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Are Japanese Girls Really Sluts? Part 1

About 10 years after I had come here,
I heard this very disturbing information,
the stereotype image about Japanese/Asian women is
that all of them are whores or sluts.
I was shocked and confirmed this to
many of my Americna friends and acquaintances.
Only one female friend said she knew but all men said they knew.
One of them explained his theory and according to that,
Many American men encountered Asian women for the first time
during or after the war in Asia like
Japanese women, Korean women and Vietnamese women.
And all those women swarmed to GIs as prostitutes.

I did some research on this subject
and came up with these two films.

< Sayonara > (1957)
During the U.S. occupation time right after WW2,
This handsome GI, Marlon Brand, went to Japan
and fell in Love with a Japanese girl
who is a star of all girl musical troup like Takarazuka.
But his senior officer told him that
he could not get married with a Japanese girl.
Marlon's fellow officer
who also had fallen in love with another Japanese girl
committed a suicide with her
after he had been forbidden to get married.
And Marlon was forced to leave his girl and Japan.

This is basically a variation of "Madam Butterfly"
which represents some subliminal themes.
1) Asian women love and love to serve White men.
2) Asia is supposed to be subordinate to the West.
3) Whites and Asians cannot get married because
Humans should not get married with Yellow Monkeys.

The actress who played the girl who committed a suicide was
Miyoshi Umeki, Japanese Jazz singer who came to U.S. in 1955.
Almost immediately she got a chance to appear in American TV
which lead her to act in "Sayonara".
And she became the first and only Asian actress who won Oscar
for that performance.
Interesting enough, Miyoshi was a very homely looking woman.

Then why she had such an instant success???
I guess it might have been the same reason
why ugly Black actresses got more parts than
the Black beauties like Lena Horne at that time.
Because ugly Blacks were more non-threatening
for White audience, who believed
Whites were supposed to be the most beautiful race.

The role Miyoshi played in "Sayonara"
became one of the stereo type images of Asian women,
which is Asian women are not very pretty
but very submissive, obedient
and love to serve White men.

Miyoshi had played more stereo type roles for a while
and eventually retired in 1972,
her second husband died in 1976,
and she died in her nursing home in 2007.
Since her retirement from showbiz,
She had not accepted any interview offers.

To Be Continued

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