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The Bells

Warning: this slide show is too cheezzzzzyyyyy.

This has been one of my favorite songs for a long time.
Laura Nyro did not write this song,
actually written by Marvin Gaye
and originally sung by the Motown group called the Originals.
However, I heard Laura's one first,
and it is from her album called "Gonna take a miracle"
on which she covered her favorite R&B songs
from the days she grew up in Bronx as a jewish girl.

Sometimes it makes me laugh to think
that now I am actually living in the city
where Laura and so many other musicians
who I idolized when I was young.
And when that laughter ends,
I start thinking who I am, what I am, what I am doing here
and if this is real or not.
Deep in the night, I am all alone,
suddenly everything loses its realness and meanings.
I have never been good at drawing the line
between the reality and the fantasy.
And I think I stopped chasing my fantasy a long time ago.
Then who am I?, Why am I here?
Once I was running around to find something even I did not know.
Those days had gone before I realized it.

Do you love me, do you love me,
do you love me cause I love you
Oh Baby
But it's one thing I want you to remember
If you ever leave me, I believe I go insane
Darling I'll never hear the bells again
Never, never, never

It is supposed to be a love song,
but now it sounds to me like
something deep inside of me is crying out, screaming
desparately to cling to my last piece of sanity?,
innocence?, or motivation to live?
I do not know.

Sometimes I feel like being a ghost already.
My existence in this world has already become
so ambiguous that it makes me believe
the death will not change much.

I'll never hear the bells if you leave me
I'll never hear the bells

Will I go insane if "blank" leaves me?
"Blank" has become really blank
and that dose not freak me out.
It's strange.

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