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The American Pit Bull Terrier

I had never seen a PitBull when I was in Japan,
even never known or heard about this breed.

Then the first time I saw one, I hated it.
I wonder what kind of nuts likes to own
this ugly mean looking dog.

Eventually, I realized that people like
street kids like to have this dog
because they feel empowered
by owning and showing off this powerful and mean looking dog.
I guess that it is basically a same idea that
Japanese gangster, Yakuza used to have Bulldogs or Boxers.
I have also heard they use this dog for dog-fighting as well.

So for a long long time,
PitBull had been the Dog breed that the least I wish to own.
But then, a few years ago I heard the very disturbing
and sad fact about this breed,
which is that very very few of them, which were surrendered
to the animal shelter, can get out of there alive
because nobody wants them.

Because most of people who want them are not animal lovers,
PitBulls are usually neglected and mistreated when they grow up,
and that makes them even more vicious, mean and out of control.
I heard that not only for them but also for most of other breeds,
obedience training and early socialising are keys
to make them great companions for humans.
However, people who like to have Pitbull tend to neglect all those
and simply dump them when they do not want to feed them anymore.
So PitBulls end up in shelters tend to be undertrained,
bad-behaved and agressive.
No wonder nobody wants them.

I feel so sorry for them who have to be put to sleep for nothing.
Why do they have to get the death sentence for the mistakes
and stupidity that humans have to be blamed for?
Now I know PitBulls are the biggest victims.
Animals and people who do not have the power to speak up,
they always fall to be victims of abuse and exploitation.
I have seen lots of them in this city, lots of them.
So many people, they simply do not know.
Because people with power and money know how to exploit others
without stering much public attention, concern and controversy.
Therefore animals and people without power are suffering quietly
and dying quietly.
Now I know what I have to hate is not PitBull.

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