The Other Side of Lost in Translation


The Good Old Stereotyping!

This is so awful, just awful!
I just watched it for the first time.
This show is about the stereotype, Japanese are supposed to be super wackkkyyyyy.
Needless to mention about something like these contestants staying st the house with the RED TORII Shinto Shrine gate, which is rediculous enough, Japanese audience in the studio were obviously instructed to laugh very loud when American contestants failed even if it was not very funny, which can make some American TV audience think Japanese are cruel and horrible.
Yes, the concepts of those Japanese shows are about laughing at someone getting a public humiliation, which is pretty horrible, but the most of the time, contestants are people in showbiz and they know these show are supposed to be funny and they do that to get laugh, so does audience.
But that concept is not well translated as these American amature contestants appear to be doing this so seriously in the Reality TV format that they make a comment like “These Japanese people must be crazy, they are killing me”.
I am sure these Americans know what they are doing and acting, but because the usual concepts of American Game shows are that someone challenges the game seriously and audiences praise, the seriousness of these contestants can confuse the hell out of American audience.
Yeah, yeah, of course this is what Amercian TV likes to see, the Good Old Stereo Typing.

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