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I Can't Stand the Rain

This is my sound track for today.
I can't stand the rain against my window
brings back sweet memory.
Well, the rain does not bring any sweet memory to me,
but still I can't stand it.

Today I planned to go to NYU for the field research,
chasing kids to ask questions.
Then this rain, rain, rain.

Actually I was supposed to go yesterday as well.
But unthinkable accident happened.
I went to bed at 6:00am
and was supposed to be waken up by the alarm at 11:00am.
Instead I was waken by something strange on my leg at 9ish.
One of my cat, Maxi peeded on my bed, ON MY BED.
Finally it started, I had heard cats peeded places
where they were not supposed to pee when they grew older.
You bet I was very upset
and immediately took entire things to the laundromat.
When everything settled it was near noon
and I was dead tired.
I simply could not resist to take a rest for a while
and found myself waking up at 5:00pm.
It was a beautiful cat pee story to tell.
And today it was raining all day,
the TV weather man is saying
we will have more rain tomorrow, yes more rain.
I can't stand the rain.
What a sucky crappy day I had, two days in a row!
This rain is the pee from the heaven.

We are having a strange weather this spring.
It sure started earlier than usual,
but then it has been kinda cold.
By this time of the year, I usually started to wear shorts.
Where is the global warming?

I deserve to hear more of this song.
I love you, Ann. Thanks for the great song.


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