The Other Side of Lost in Translation


Five Wishes

How come so many people immigrate to U.S.?
No matter what they say,
the main reason of immigration is always money
as they are seeking out financial opportunities.
If it is realy for a political asylum,
why it has to be U.S.?

Before that war,
many Japanese had immigrated to Hawaii and California.
However, having had a wealthy society
for the last 30 years or so,
Japanese do not come to U.S.
as immigrants of the traditional sense anymore.
Well, some people still come here
to open Japanese restaurants
or to start some other type of business,
but those are the minorities.
Now most of them come here
because they are gravitated by the glamorous American images
amplified by the irresonsible medias.
In other words, they come here for fantasies.

All Japanese, almost no exception, expecting five things
when they come to U.S.

1. Learning fluent English within a few years.
2. Making lots of American friends, which means usually
White and Black
as they do not know much about other races in U.S.
3. Getting an American boyfriend or girlfriend,
again this means usually White, or Black for some girls.
4. Doing something exciting.
5. Having a success of one form or another
including fincacial one and fame, maybe.

Every Japanese, other people too,
come here with these kinds of hopes.
However, most of them quickly realize how hard these are.
For Japanese, learning English is not easy.
Actually they learn the basic English, enough to get by
in their everyday lives, fairly quickly.
But the difficulity starts there.
It takes more than four years for them to understand
CNN news with their eyes closed.
Listening to TV & radio programs can improve
their hearing ability, they need talk to Native speakers
to improve their speaking ability.
But it is not easy to make American friends
if they do not speak good English.
Though Japanese are eager to make American friends,
Most of Americans are not interested in making
Asian friends, or are they?
Therefore most of them do not make American friends,
and do not improve their English much,
and because of that, can not work for American organization
unless they have some sort of special skill.
Some Japanese girls get American boyfriends
because they use SEX.
But even most of those kind of girls
do not have any American friends either.
Once they learn the decent English,
the next thing they realize is not only language
but also the culture and the society they have to learn
to make a good conversation with Americans.
The proper knowledges about
anything that average Americans know is neccesarry
like politics, entertainments, sports, traditions
and even something like old TV shows.

But even if they do not speak good English
and have no American friends nor exciting career,
still New York can be a fun place to live.
Going to clubs, doing shopping, doing some dopes,
they can have a good time with their Japanese buddies.
Then a few years pass very quickly
and the time will come for them to realize
what they are really doing here.
They see the realities like
working in a Japanese restaurant as a waiter
or doing something boring and futureless
for Japanese companies
and their English still sux, sux, sux.
And the most of all, they have very purposeless lives
as most of them come here with only false hopes.

Unlike other immigrants who came here
for financial opportunities.
Japanese go home after about four years.
For other immigrants, finacially making it is
far more important than
being fully accepted by this society.
But Japanese have a place to go back
where they do not have to struggle with their language
nor cultural differences, nor racial stereotypes,
nor legal status: Visa
and still they can have the same kind of,
or even more materialistic life style.
Then why do you stay here?
So they go back, most of them.


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