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Generation Next

Monday, I had a huge cat accident, and fell asleep, hahaha.
Tuesday, rain, rain, rain, all day raining.
Wedensday, in the morning, it was nice
despite of the negative weather forecast.
So I went to NYU around the noon time,
but it started to rain after I had talked to two students.
Thursday, it rained on and off all day,
but I managed to talk to a few students at NYU.
Today, Friday it was gorgeous day, I spent a half day
at Columbia university.
Finally I had a fruitfull day!
I talked to lots of kids.

Questions were like
"Have you ever heard the term called "Generation Next?"

If the answer was "no", I told them the basic definition.
Tech savvy because they grew up with computer, internet,
video game and celphone.
Media(information) savvy because of internet.
More open to race difference and sexual orientation difference
because they have more access to informations
by the internet at the early age.
And this makes them tend to be more liberal and support Democrats.
Many of them think their parents are their heroes.

"How many hours do you spend on the computer a day?"
"What kind of impact do you think the internet made on you?"
"How do you choose the information among so many trashy ones?"
"Do you support Obama?"
"If so, why?"
"Who pays your tution?"
"How much debt are you gonna have when you finsh your education?"
"I think this situation,
fewer kids can afford to go to schools like this
because of the high tution, will shrink the middle class eventually
and widen the gap of the class. Don't you think the society
with the wider class gap can be more conservative society?"
"This high tution situation also makes more doctors and lawyers
who are after more money jobs, I think,
because they have to pay off their debt.
Don't you think this can make some negative impact on the society?"
"Until few years ago, some media insisted that younger generation
were becoming more conservative.
But now some of them are saying that
younger generation is becoming more liberal
probably because many of them are supporting Obama
beyond a racial line.
So do you think your generation is more liberal or not?"
If you think it is more liberal, do you think ultimately
this society is going to be more liberal because of that?"

Some kids gave me excellent answers, some of them did not.
But over all, I really enjoyed talking to them.
It was a good day for me.


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