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Animal Rights

This is the pic of the poster with Pam Anderson
I recently got from PeTA
for the article I wrote about Animal Rights.
Those Japanese lines are saying "Let's be Vegetarians."

A while ago, I got "Live in Japan" album of late great Laura Nyro.
She said to her audience
"Is there any Animal Rights movements in Japan?"
I laughed because it did not exist there 14 years ago,
in which this album was recorded,
and still does not exist there now either.

When I met a vegetarian for the first time,
I could not help asking her why she had become the one.
She said "not so much about health issue,
but I think eating animals is very cruel
because I grew up with so many of them."
I did not believe her or could not,
I thought simply because she did not like the taste of meat.

A few years later, I got a kitty
and a year later she had five kittens.
Well, I was amazed about how close they were to humans.
They had individual personalities and emotions just like us.
And then I felt ashamed of myself
about the way I had felt toward that vegetarian girl.

In U.S. middle class Whites are educated
and tend to be libral and generous.
However, I gradually learned that
those are probably backed up
by the huge gap of between rich and poor
just like ancient Greece had a democratic society with slaves.
Despite of that, I definitely appreciate those qulities of them.

Then I wonder why
Japanese does not have this kind of generousity.
At least they have been enjoying to live
in the wealthy socirty for more than 30 years.
Five or Six reasons I can think of
and one of those is the stupidity of Japanese media.
They just do not do any enligtenment
for their readers and audiences.
I believe they have obligations
to introduce and inform about new ideas to people.
If they do not have to do that, then who else?

So for the latter half of the article,
I was indulged in bashing Japanese medias
and that made me feel gooooood!

I myself am not a vegetarian,
but I consume a very little of meat and fish.
I do not say all of us shuld be vegetalians,
but so many lives of animals can be saved
if we cut back the comsumptions of meat,
fish and other animal products
to the half of the amount we do now.
And that would be great for our health and our environment
if we replace them with veggies and fruits.

It is not easy for people who live in poor nations
to understand this concept, that's for sure.
They are struggling to survive every day.
But most of Japanese aren't.
Then it is the time for them to learn this idea
that they do not have to eat meat because they are not poor.
Otherwise, they are the people of the mentality of the third world.
Actually many of them are.
I am sorry this expression might be prejudical
against the people of developing country.
But you know what I mean.

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