The Other Side of Lost in Translation


The Exhibition

The scribble said "This is what they do to their dissidents in China"
No, I did not write that!

Since a few years ago,
This exhibition called "The Exhibition"
has been going on in New York,
and it seems to be popular among tourists.

Specimens exhibited there are real human bodies,
without skin. Yes, without skin.
They peeled off entire skin from real human dead bodies.
So you can see all muscles and strings
usually hidden underneath of the skin.
I think it's gross but obviously popular,
going on for a while
and I have seen the posters here and there.
But this one was the first one
featured a female body that I have seen.

I think you can tell that this is Asian
judged by the facial features.
Actually they are all Asians, but why?
Organizers of this exhibition said that
these had been donated by the individuals
who had liked to contribute their bodies to the science study.
But why only Asians??
Me and my friends speculated they had come from China.
It is well known fact that Chinese goverment sell
the organs and other body parts of executed convicts.
I do not think Asians are not particulary the people
who are willing to contribute their bodies to any purpose.

What a sad exploitation!


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