The Other Side of Lost in Translation


My New Project

Now I am doing a research work
about Korean community in New York.
Today I went to Flushing, Queens
where lots and lots of Korean and Chinese Immigrants live.
I talked to two people from Korean youth organization
and after that, I walked around and took some pics.

Until I became college age,
I had not known anything about those ugly facts of WW2
because nobody told me, parents nor teachers.
I did not know many Koreans were living in Japan either
because I grew up in very small town far away from any big cities.

Now each time I go to a Korean grocery store,
somewhere in my mind, somewhere deep inside,
it says "I'm so sorry for what we did"
even it happened before I was born.

Then things like horrible comments on 2channel really break my heart.
And I cannot trust Japanese medias' reports on Korea
Because I know they do not do good jobs on telling people
the realities of U.S. either.
More mutual and real understanding is necessary, I think.
So this is my little effort.
I like to write about
what is going on in Korean community in New York.

To be honest with you, I had a little fear.
Some people looked at me in a little suspicious way
as I was wandering aroung with my SRL camera hanging from my neck.
Even I passed infront of the old guy with a huge banner said
"Shut up, Shame on You, War crimminal Japan."

But people were kind when I asked them like
what that poster in Hungle(Korean letter)said.
You know, people feel fear
when they cannot tell what other people are thinking.
It will disappear when they understand others.

I will talk to more Koreans this week.
A little effort from me.


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