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Help, I'm in Hell!

Right now I am writing about Animal Rights, not for this Blog.
Well, I am supposed to finish it soon but I cannot.
Unfortunately I am still not 100% out of my winter depression.
Not having much concentration
whenever I am in the depressive mood,
writing a long piece can be extreamly difficult.
Actually it has already passed the deadline and I still cannot start.
Last four deadlines were always like this, painfully frustrating
and I even had developed horrible mouth ulcer
because of the great deal of stress,
which means I could not eat or talk for a while.
At least this time that is not happening to me.
But still cannot start writing, so frustrating.
God, please help me!



The Garden of Cherry Blossom

Today, actually already yesterday,
I went to Brooklyn Botanic Garden,
my favorite place in New York city.

( Horinji )

Sakura were in full bloom
and showing their Spring love from above.

( Kwanzan )

I had been so depressed during this winter
and went out only for something very necessary
like grocery shoppings.
And even for that, I went out like 3am in the morning
when the streets were almost deserted.
Pathetic isn't it?

( Taoyame )

But even for the pathetics like me, spring has come
and shown its tender beauty to melt my frozen heart.

( Kikushidare )

I enjoyed being under the tender pink cloud
while listening to the very sentimental music.

( Ojochin )
During this winter, I felt like
my life seems to be completely worthless,
meaningless and hopeless.
( Taoyame )
At night, I felt like sinking to
the bottom of the dark dark cold sea, all by myself.
Many times I screamed at myself "I will die, I will die"
knowing I would not be brave enough to do that.

( Shogetsu )
But today I found a little light pink colored happiness
under the cherry trees.
And that is a reason enough to live for a little longer.

Japanese call the very light pink color of Sakura Usubeni 薄紅.
And this is my favorite Japanese song to listen to under the cherry blossom.

Hanakikou ( 花紀行 )   Yumi Arai (Matsutoya)

Wandering alone in a strange town
Wind scatters petals from above
Kisses thrown by the passing spring
Land on my hair and shoulder so tenderly
If I stay here
And see this flower storm pass away
I would be buried in the stream of the time

Usubeni is so soft and tender
Even though nobody picks them up
Wandering alone in a strange town
Wind scatters petals from above
Land on my hair and shoulder so softly

( Kwanzan )

If you happen to be in this city,
why don't you visit this wonderful garden?

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I Have Opened The Other Blog!

I have not decided about what I will do with this one.