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The Dark Side of Japan

This J-vologger, softypapa is the guy who lived in a rural area of Shizuoka prefecture. Usually he makes videos about his walks in his neigborhood or his hikes in nearby mountains, which feature little interesting things of the nature like insects or plants, or traditional cultures like small buddhist statues called Jizo.

However, today I just discovered he has the other channel in which he talks more than just those small peaceful subjects. And in this particular video, he talks about the dark side of Kwaii(means cute in Japanese), pedophiles in Japan and its culture.
Surelly any society and any culture have dark sides, just they come out in different ways. On this case of pedophiles, it is so easy to understand he is really concerned as he is a father of a very cute young daughter. Though I think culturally Japanese men got more tendency to be one, as you see in Otaku cultures, men who really attack young children are probably much less than in the US, I assume.

Why? because of the same reason that Japan has much smaller crime rate. In Japan, if you commit horrible crimes like that, not only you but your entire family can be ostracized by the community. I think the biggest morality in Japan is a fear of other people's eyes.
Especilly it is so now because of Japanese media are so relentless over criminals who commited sensational crimes and their families.
However, the very sad fact is that victims of sex crimes can be ridiculed by the society. That happens in the US as well since female victims of sex crimes can be seen as something soiled/dirty, but much more so in Japan, Therefore victims are victimized twice.

Japanese do not tolerate sex culture, but they just ignore or accept it as something inevitable since it is usually a male culture and Japan is a very conservative, male dominated society, well it is supposed to be, so women do not complain about it much.
I was raised in a very rural commuity in '70s and still I could see posters with nude women of porn films on my way to school, which is unthinkable in the US, even today. Definitely Japan and US have very different ways and ideas to handle sex cultures.

I am sure I would feel nervous if I were a father of a young daughter like him whenever I see something pedophiliac in public. But then what can I do about it? Hmmm, that is difficult.
Japanese do not speak out much politically until they are really pushed to the edge. But you have to know that that comes from the same culture makes a Japanese society so safe. They rather keep quiet than disturbing the peace of it even when speaking out seems to be necessary.
Even issues like domestic violence had been hidden tightly until the recent time because people felt/still feel too ashamed to talk about it.

I am glad to hear that this guy spoke out about the dark parts of Japanese society/culture, which rarely other J-vloggers do. Once I had a good laugh to hear one gaijin-vlogger said that Japanese were never rude, and I wrote a comment that he thought so simply as Japanese tend to treat gaijins better in general.
To be honest, I think Japanese, especially middle aged guys can be much ruder than any Americans can be.

But the possibility that your loved ones to be victimized in a sex crime is considerably smaller than in most of other countries, I guess.

Oh wait, wait, I just remembered something my childhood freind told me a few years ago, who has young kids. As last time I went back to my little town, I did see many children playing outside, I asked him and his wife if they thougt that was because of the low rate of child birth. They told me even in a small rural town, parents did not feel very easy to let their kids playing outside by themselves because of strange people. And their kids are boys, not girls.

Hmmmm, I still cannot believe that something like raping children can happen in Japan more often than in US. However, I probably do not know the reality of this subject since I have been away from Japan for so many years.
I should do some research before forming a opinion.

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  • I don't believe that there is more rape, of young women or not, either. A semi-tolerance or ignoring of peadophillic tendencies in Japan (such as in Manga, or dolls) exists but its existance may act as an outlet rather than an encouragement to act. Conversely the zero-tolerance prevalent in the US may result in the more violent acts. I am not sure of the statistics but I feel 10 times safer in Japan, as a person and a parent, than I would in the UK.

    Blogger Timothy Takemoto さんのコメント, 2011年10月5日 9:06 に投稿  

  • Thanks for your comment, Timmothy.
    I will comment on that later!

    Blogger blue さんのコメント, 2011年10月8日 22:35 に投稿  


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