The Other Side of Lost in Translation


Gess what

Believe or not, I still have not finished my writing.
Come to think of it,
I have been just blaming my depression for my laziness, hahaha.
In other words, my favorite kind of justification and excuse.
And I have wasted my precious 10 days or so
for reading a bunch of Gaijin blog craps.
They really did renew my internet addiction, a big sigh.
Having seen some of them before,
they had not grabbed my attention much.
Then why this time?
I do not know.
I will do that analysis later.

You may ask what happened to my deadline?
Well, it is usually 7th, 8th or 9th of the month,
but this month Japan is having Golden Week,
early summer or late spring vacation season.
So my editor had asked me to submit my writing much earlier.
However, having been too busy to work on the other article,
he had failed to send me a lay out design before Golden Week started.
Usually that design can be a great reminder of the deadline for me
or more like, "pusher""alarm signal" or "do or die notification".
So no design, no motivation to write, simple is that.
But I guess it will come very soon, possibly tonight.
Nowehre to run, nowhere to hide any more.

After finishing this I will write about what it is like to live in this city
as an Asian who speaks crappy English
here, on this blog thing.
"The Other Side of Lost in Translation" will start.

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